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Haunted Houses in Reno

Autumn is one of the most popular seasons of the year, and for good reasons. Autumn is fantastic because the temperature is considered by many to be the best of the year as it is not too hot and it's not too cold either. People also love autumn because it is a time for many season attractions and products to take place such as cider mills opening up and selling their famous donuts and cider, as well as autumn-scented candles, and of course pumpkin spiced lattes! However, arguably, the most prominent reason that Autumn is so beloved is because it is the season that Halloween falls in. Halloween is one of the most popular Holidays of the year, probably mostly because it is so unique amongst so many other Holidays that begin to blend together after a while (seriously, what is Arbor Day, anyway?) Halloween stands out because it starts out the Holiday season, which contains all of the best Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the December Holidays!) But it is also beloved because it is a time for people to embrace all of their greatest fears. Even people who are total cowards love Halloween because it is a time where everyone else is in on the fun. They know that they aren't in any actual danger, and so it's a time to trick your brain into being a little freaked out. It's all in good fun, and it's easy to see why it's one of the most exciting Holidays of the year. Because of how much people love Halloween, many Halloween-themed attractions begin to pop up all over the place around this time of year. These can include simple things that people of all ages can attend such as costume parties and contests, bobbing for apples, and pumpkin-carving contests. However, they often include some truly terrifying attractions, and many times these are considered Haunted Houses.

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Now, Haunted Houses come in a great number of shapes, sizes, styles, and scare factors. They are more of a conceptual idea than any concrete one thing. Haunted Houses are structures that have usually been re-purposed and terrifyingly decorated to represent a certain theme. These themes can be anything that is the stuff of nightmares. They can be abandoned psych wards, creepy circuses, possessed hospitals, torture houses, and especially the classic Haunted Mansion themes. Each Haunted House has been decorated to perfectly fit these themes, and have also been employed by extremely convincing actors who have been outfitted in costumes that are certain to leave you screaming in terror and running for your life.

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Now, while Haunted Houses are one of the most beloved aspects of Halloween, many people are actually upset when leaving Haunted Houses--and not because they just got their wits scared directly out of their bodies, but because they realize that they will have to wait a whole year before attending the next Haunted House of their choice, and for many that is just a big bummer. However, by getting a group of about a dozen to a dozen and a half friends together and renting a party bus, you can attend as many Haunted Houses in one evening as you'd like! As mobile parties (inside of which it is completely legal to consume alcohol), Party Buses will provide the perfect contrast to the Haunted Houses so you can build up enough courage to conquer the next horrifying attraction!

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