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Reno Limos Pricing

Affordable limos in Reno at last! At Reno Limos we keep our prices fair and affordable. Our pricing policy is simple: Affordable, honest pricing. We keep our prices affordable, because that's what our clients want! Client satisfaction is our goal above profit.

You can call or email us any time, day or night, to get a quote. Just to recap what's listed above, when you call us, please let us know the following information in order to get accurate pricing.

  • The date you'd like service
  • The number of passengers you'd like to accommodate
  • The time and location of initial pick up
  • The time and location of final drop off
  • Phoenix Limo Bus
  • San Jose Party Bus
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In order to keep our prices low, Reno Limos takes into account a few key items. These things include market conditions, industry demand, and a few factors we'll need to get from you. First, we'd like to know how many people you plan on transporting on your day of service. This allows us to rule suggest the proper vehicle immediately. Secondly we'd like to know what exact date you'd like service. This helps us further rule out any vehicles that may already be booked. Lastly, we need to know around what time you're thinking using our service. This allows us to finally ensure that the vehicle that you're requesting is available. Because of these varying factors, we can't publish rates online, but you can easily get a quote by calling us.

Even better, the quote we give isn't just a ballpark figure or a starting point - it's the actual price! There will be no hidden fees. How many times have you called to get a quote for something and when you show up to purchase it, you think the price is great, but then you discover all sots hidden fees? We don't believe in that. That's why our motto is "WYSIWYG" (Prounounced "Wiz-Eey-Wig"). That stands for "what you see is what you get." We're definitely quoting exactly what you will get. No hidden fuel fees, hidden gratuity, or hidden anything. When it comes to our 100% risk free quotes, what you see is what you get.

We can't wait to talk to you and get you on the road in a luxurious limousine for your Reno event! Our phone lines are open 24/7 and we look forward to hearing from you!

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