Wedding Band

Wedding Band

There is a great debate out there in terms of wedding entertainment. Should you hire a live wedding band or a wedding DJ? We won't lie to you, both have some amazing qualities and positives associated with them. But there is something about having a live band as your entertainment that we believe sets that option apart. There is a special dynamic that comes along with a live performance with live instruments and real voices. You will want to keep in mind that really popular wedding bands or bands in general for that matter usually get booked early so that means that you will want to start your search at least 6 to 8 months before your wedding date. The Reno area has some amazing live bands that play every genre of music possible. But keep in mind that you do not want just a really talented band for your wedding reception. You want to make sure that you find and book a professional wedding band. This means a band that is experienced at playing at a wedding and who understands what it takes to not only provide music, but also to keep the activities flowing in between. You also want to make sure that you book a band that can play a variety of tunes, not just a specific genre. Just like with many of your other wedding vendors, hiring the wrong band could make for a disastrous reception that you will never live down. To find out if any of the bands that you consider is the perfect one for you, you will need to sit down for a face to face meeting and ask some specific questions about who they are and what your wedding needs are. As you venture out into this arena full of pitfalls, we have provided you with some wisdom that should help you with your decision.

If at all possible you should see and experience any live band that you consider for your wedding reception. For instance, if they are performing in your area, arrange to go and hear them. If this can't be arranged ask them to provide you with a demo CD. Really pay attention to their stage presence and their impact on the crowd. What kind of interaction do they have with the crowd?. Can you envision them performing at your wedding? Are they the style of band that you would want at your wedding? Have a discussion about the kind of songs that they will be able to play for you and your guests. We recommend that you look for a band that has a wide repertoire. If they are mainly a punk band or a heavy metal band, then you might not end up with what you and your guests want. Keep in mind that you want as many of your guests as possible to enjoy the evening. Do you think grandma and grandpa will enjoy songs from the Insane Clown Posse. Find out if they will allow you to have any choice in songs included or excluded.

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What kind of speaker system will they be bringing? Is this what they will use to make your announcements? Are they comfortable with being your emcee? Can they show up early to set up and do a sound check? You do not want your band showing up while your guests are at the reception trying to enjoy. Can you picture the scene, their equipment banging together as they make noise setting up. You want this to be completed before your guests arrive.

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How experienced are they at playing weddings? Ask for references and find out from each one about their performance. How much do they charge? If you have never hired a live band before, expect a high quality live band to be a bit pricier. There is a good reason for this. They are professionals with professional grade equipment. But we must say that a great quality band will be worth every penny. So, when you find a band that absolutely knocks your socks off, don't waste any time, book them.

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