Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

Believe us when we tell you that a wedding DJ can make or break your wedding reception. It is your entertainment that most of your guests will be looking forward to when they are traveling from your ceremony to your reception venue. If you find a high quality professional, expect one of the greatest times of your life. And that is exactly what you want considering it is one of the biggest days of your life. But you definitely have to find the right person. There is no doubt that the Reno area has some absolutely phenomenal professionals in this arena. You just need to be aware that there are also people who say they are professionals when the service they provide speaks something very different. Just because someone puts out a shingle stating that they are a professional wedding DJ does not mean that you will be receiving the services of a professional wedding DJ. In order to make sure that you find and book the services of a true professional in the Reno area, there are some attributes that you will want to be on the lookout for. Below we share with you exactly what an awesome DJ should be to you and to your special day.

A great wedding DJ will be a great listener. You always need to keep in mind that this is your wedding so your wishes should take center stage. Their first and foremost mission should be to make you happy and to fulfill your wishes. You are entrusting them with the biggest day of your life. They should take this responsibility very seriously and put your desires before their own. Another issue that many couples do not consider but should be taken very seriously is having a DJ that will pronounce the names of your guests correctly. There is nothing worse than when it comes time to have a special toast or speech and the DJ pronounces the name of the person who is supposed to speak incorrectly. This is part of doing things professionally. Your DJ should go over all the names that they will have to say at least a couple of weeks before your wedding date.

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When it comes to the songs that are played at your reception, a professional DJ should give your favorites priority. You are paying for this gig and you have the right to hear the tunes that you want to hear. You also want someone who can read your guests and therefore knows what to play and when to play it. This expertise comes with experience and having a keen sense about what works in certain situations. Also, if your DJ is to be considered great, something else they will do is to contact your venue ahead of time and discuss how they should set up. Details like when they can get to the venue on your big day is an important detail. They also can discuss with the venue where they can enter the building and if there are any special rules that they venue has that an incoming DJ needs to know about.

A great DJ never takes anything for granted. Every detail will be considered and figured out so that there are not surprises. Even small details like how to get to the reception venue will be figured out ahead of time. To keep things done decently and in order, the DJ should have all of their equipment set up before your guests arrive at the reception venue. Also, the equipment needs to be tested, sound levels need to be adjusted, microphones checked, and acoustics maximized. Most people do not even want to think about a DJ's equipment failing, but it is possible so they should have backup equipment just in case.

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In addition, you have been so worried about your own special clothes for your wedding that you have hardly had time to think or care about what one of your vendors will be wearing. They should be well dressed and well groomed. Last but not least, a great DJ will coordinate their actions with those of your other vendors. Preparation is the key in all of these factors that make up a tremendous wedding DJ. As you start looking around the Reno area for your wedding DJ, keep in mind these elements.

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