Wedding Videographer

Wedding Videographer

You don't have to tell us, we know what weddings are all about. It is kind of like that line about Santa, he is making a list and checking it twice. A wedding sure has its fair share of checklists. So, what have you checked off so far. Engagement ring, check, venue, check, wedding DJ, check, wedding videographer, haven't even considered it. Is that the case with you? If it is, we urge you to reconsider. In a world where everything gets captured if not but by a cellphone, why not have your wedding, the most important day in your life, recorded correctly so you can enjoy it for years to come. Think of how powerful this medium is. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well if that is true, what about 30 pictures per second? What could that possibly be worth? Do you know what the number one regret of newly married couples is? Not hiring a videographer for their wedding. Don't let this be you. Make it a priority starting right now. And remember, we are not saying to get rid of photography. We are just saying that photography does not catch every little detail, at least video catches most of them. The Reno area is known for its glitz and entertainment and there are plenty of great wedding videographers to consider. Here is a brief guide as to how to find the professional videographer that you need and in the end, that you cannot live without. For other videographers see Lansing Wedding Videos.

So, now the question becomes, how do you go about finding your very own wedding videographer? Start doing some research in order to come up with a list of potential candidates. You can look online. There are also wedding vendor sites that will allow you to specify the type of vendor you are looking for and the area. If you visit some wedding videographers' websites, you can gauge them a bit by what their website looks like. Anyone who we would consider to be a professional should have a site that reflects well on them. If it a shoddy website or not well done, then move onto your next candidate. There are too many good ones out there to waste your time. Put together a working list of at least 5 candidates. If you find out they are available for your wedding, then it is time to meet them face to face and interview them.

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You will want find out about a videographers style. When you meet with each one, have them describe their style. Listen carefully and think about whether this sounds like a style for your wedding. They need to show you an entire unedited video of a wedding they worked on. When you tell them your likes and dislikes, ask them how they will be able to incorporate them into their storytelling as it relates to your wedding. How do they go about editing the footage they have captured? It is important that they have talent and skill in this area because they are going to be working on your footage for hours. Eventually, the conversation should come around to how much their services are going to cost you? They will more than likely have packages that you will be able to look over. How have they coordinated their shooting with a photographer in the past?

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Talk about their experience. How many weddings have they captured in the past year? Why did they become a wedding videographer in the first place? Look at their portfolio of clips. Look up their equipment to see if it is of a professional grade. How will audio be handled? All of this information should allow you to make a wise decision when it comes to booking your all important professional wedding videographer.

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