Wedding Tux & Dress

Wedding Tux & Dress

If you are going to look your best on any day of the year, it must be your wedding day. You need to pull out all of the stops to put forth your best face. This means doing things like working out to get in shape, visiting a tanning spa for the months leading up to your wedding to get that golden glow, and having your hair professionally cut and managed. Once you have worked on all facets of the body, it is time to think about clothes. For the men, the norm is a nice tuxedo. This will entail not just finding the tuxedo but also finding a place that has excellent tailors in order to have measurements taken and alterations made. The only way to make sure that this happens is via the professional services of a quality tuxedo shop. Now, we know what the bride is looking for, that prefect wedding dress. For this, making use of a professional bridal salon is the only way to go. You won't be disappointed as you start your search for these shops around the Reno area because you will find that there are some really amazing vendors that should be able to help you and your fiancé with these needs. You will need to be on the lookout for specific qualities when you visit these shops or salons. You really want to be serious about finding a place that fits you in every way and that includes professionally and personally. Just like with your other wedding vendors, all formalwear shops were not created equal. They vary widely in terms of their clothing line and their expertise. So, our recommendation is that you take your time and evaluate a number of places in the Reno area. We know you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day and this is going to be the vendor that will help you with that cause so you want to take this search very seriously. Here are some tips as to how to go about your search so that when you walk down that isle you both will have the biggest smiles on your faces.

Brides need to determine what style gown they are interested in first and foremost..A great place to start is by doing quite a bit of research online. You can also look at wedding magazines. But try to get a sense of what you really like. The more that you know about yourself and what you want will serve you well when you visit bridal shops. Take your time when you start making your appointments to look for that perfect dress. Make your appointments on a weekday and during the day if at all possible. We suggest taking a day off of work, it is that important. The bridal shops are much less busy at this time and you will be getting the consultants when they are fresh. Start looking as early as possible. The reason for this is the time involved. From finding that perfect dress to having it delivered to having it fitted and then altered, it takes a lot of time. We cannot stress enough that you should keep an open mind on your visits. Do not visit a bridal salon wedded to one dress style. If you try on a gown that you really like but you aren't crazy about the color, ask about it because many gowns are available in different shades. Another option is to combine elements from different gowns. There are so many options available to you that it never hurts to ask about something that you are interested in. When you ask about price, keep in mind that alterations are not usually included in your overall price. If you really need to save money, ask the shop if you can try on some samples. If you find the right sample, it could be a huge savings. You just need to make sure that there no major problems with the dress due to it being picked over so much.

Now, let's talk about the tuxedo search. The first thing that we recommend is to take your bride to be with you. You want to be happy, but you really want her to be happy with what you end up wearing. First, you need to determine if you should you rent or buy. Ask yourself if you will need a tuxedo much in the next 5 years. If you are, then purchasing would be your best bet. But if not, then renting is the best avenue for you. Renting will save you a lot of money, in fact renting a tuxedo is usually around 10% to 30% less expensive than buying one. In order to find shops to visit, ask your circle of friends, family and co-workers if they know of any reputable shops that you should visit. You will want to call any shop you want to visit and ask if they keep their inventory updated. Also, make sure that the formalwear shop has very experienced and knowledgeable staff. Here is a piece of advice, if any shop tries to do a hard sell on you, walk away. It is a huge bonus if you can ask your groomsmen to visit the same shop because everyone will match perfectly. And who knows, you might end up with a discount.

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This search for the bride and groom is not to be taken for granted. Make sure that you find shops that you both feel very comfortable with but at the same time they exhibit knowledge and expertise in the field of formalwear. When you have true professionals in your corner, you both will be saying I do while you look your very best.

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