Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

If you are like most people, you have started to notice that wedding cakes have come a very long way. It used to be that if you had seen one wedding cake, you had seen them all. The traditional white tiered cake was around for what seemed like centuries. But today, couples have much more in the way of creative choices when it comes to designing their wedding cake. You could say that wedding cakes have come into the 21st century. And why not, your cake and your wedding dress are the highest profile items at your wedding. Why not think about side of the box and have some fun with them. A beautifully designed wedding cake that has your creative signature all over it will bring a huge smile to your face on your big day. Stop right now and listen, you can hear your guests commenting on how gorgeous and unique your wedding cake is. Now that you are sure that you have a mind to do something out of the ordinary, you need to ask yourself how in the world that you plan to pull this off. Well, that is why we are here. If you want to be a trend setter, then you will have to search for the right cake baker and decorator for your wedding cake needs. Getting married in the Reno area, you are in luck because there are some absolutely phenomenal cake designers in your area who are more than willing to be cutting edge with their designs. To help you as much as we can, here are some wedding cake trends that have recently emerged. We hope this information will inspire your creative side so that you know exactly what to look for as you head out into the Reno area.

Have you ever thought about playing with color when it comes to your wedding cake? We want to mention it one more time, you are no longer wedded to white only. You must have a wedding theme and color scheme. You could always try and coordinate your cake with one or more of these colors. When you talk with any potential cake designer, make sure that you bring along a fabric swatch of a color or two that are a part of your wedding theme. This way they can not only make suggestions but they will be able to match the color you give them. Another hot trend is to make your cake look metallic or pearlized. There are so many options to consider. Another possibility is decorating your cake with flowers. Even though this is not necessarily a trend as it has been around for quite a while, it is something you can use to accessorize. What about the shape of your cake. Maybe you want the traditional white cake but you more than willing to experiment with the shape of your cake. And what would a discussion about cakes be without mentioning flavor. You are not limited in anyway with today's cake designers. Every flavor you can ever imagine is available to you.

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Here is a trend that will probably really appeal to you because it involves saving money. Why not serve your wedding cake for dessert? If you have always been a huge chocolate fan and you have your heart set on doing something with chocolate, consider having a dark chocolate mud or a chocolate truffle cake made. Have you ever thought about personalizing with monograms. Couples have started working the monogram into a part of the design for a sentimental touch. Some people want to stay close to tradition but at the same time show people they are willing to be a bit creative. For brides like that, you could always opt for cream or ivory.

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One other hot trend that has really taken off and made a huge splash if trying to make your cake look like your bridal dress. With this design, your cake designer would take a photograph of your wedding dress and add intricate appliques as well as delicate beading in order to have the feel and look of your beautiful dress. Of course you can always add more layers. A creative touch here is to make each layer stand out by embellishing each one in a different way. We hope this convinces you how creative you can be with your wedding cake. That is if you want to be. In the end it is all up to you. It is your wedding after all, so make a decision that you will be happy with.

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